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Plant specimens from the Engelmann Herbarium

Selected historical expeditions to the Western US and Northern Mexico (1830-1860)

Collectors (with core literature)

  • Fendler, August
  • Frémont, John
    • Literature: Welsh, John Charles Fremont Botanical Explorer
  • Geyer, Charles
    • Literature: nothing specific, but nearly all of Geyer’s specimens from the Nicollet Expedition have already been databased and imaged
  • Gregg, Josiah Literature: Manuscript Field Book in Archives
  • Lindheimer, Ferdinand
    • Literature: A. Gray, Plantae Lindheimerianae
  • Wislizenus, Friedrich 
    • Literature: Wislizenus, Memoir of a Tour of Northern Mexico
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  • Boundary Survey Collectors
    • Literature: Report on the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey. Vol. 2. 1859
    • Bigelow, John M.
    • Emory, William
    • Parry, Charles
    • Schott, Arthur
    • Thurber, George
    • Wright, Charles
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