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Madagascar Protected Areas and other important sites

This is a preliminary version of a dynamic Protected Areas map, additional functionality is envisaged and will be integrated in the near future. Site recognised as part of the formal Protected Area Network as of the end of 2015 consist of polygons numbered P000 - P275 (some polygons refer to Peripheral zones of areas that are not under protection), other important sites including those that are managed for conservation for which polygons are present on the map are numbered PX000 - PX999, other appear in the list for which a polygon is not available (N.A.).

Open full map in a separate window. Access legacy Protected Area maps here.

Protected Area Index (work in progress, incomplete)

Agnakatriky (Vohipaho South) P042
Agnalazaha (Mahabo) P051
Alaotra P274
Allée des Baobabs P021
Ambanitazana PX000
Ambararata Londa P006
Ambato Atsinanana (Ste Luce) P040
Ambatofotsy P060
Ambatotsirongorongo P267
Ambatovaky P080
Ambodivahibe P263
Ambohidray P011
Ambohijanahary P005
Ambohitantely P063
Ambondrobe P272
Amoron'i Onilahy P024
Ampananganandehibe-Behasina P056
Ampasindava P049
Ampotakankorabe P058
Analabe-Betanatanana P054
Analalava P053
Analalava I-II (Bongolava) P055
Analamazaotra P116
Analamerana P065
Analavelona (Forêt Sacrée Alandraza Analavelo) P052
Andohahela (Parcel 1) P150
Andohahela (Parcel 2) P151
Andohahela (Parcel 3) P152
Andrafiamena Andavakoera P020
Andranomena P105
Andreba P031
Andringitra P094
Angavo P008
Anjanaharibe Sud P127
Anjozorobe Angavo P018
Ankafobe (MBG Conservation site) PX002
Ankarabolava (Vohipaho North) P043
Ankarafantsika P128-9
Ankarana P064
Ankaratra - Manjakatompo P017
Ankarea (Nosy Mitsio) P034
Ankivonjy (Marine Reserve) P033
Ankodida P025
Antrema (Katsepy) P275
Antsoha P271
Baie de Baly P076 - 9
Beanka P266
Befotaka - Midongy du Sud P099
Behara-Tranomaro P009
Bemanevika P027
Bemaraha P075
Bemarivo P002
Betampona P081
Bezà Mahafaly P106
Bombetoka-Belemboka P014
Bora P000
Cap Ste Marie P107
Complexe Mahavavy Kinkony P270
Complexe Mangoky Ihotry P269
Complexe Vohidava-Betsimalaho (Anadabolava) P044
Corridor Ankeniheny Zahamena P260
Corridor Ankeniheny Zahamena (Ankerana) P260k
Corridor Ankeniheny Zahamena (Vohibe) P260c
Corridor forestier Ambositra – Vondrozo P262
Corridor forestier Bongolava P261
Corridor forestier Fandriana Marolambo N.A.
Corridor forestier Marojejy- Anjanaharibe Sud-Tsaratanana Nord P026
Corridor forestier Marojejy- Anjanaharibe Sud-Tsaratanana Sud P029
Galoko-Kalobinono P048
Ibity Massif P046
Ifotaky (North) P023
Ifotaky (South-west) P010
Isalo P096
Itremo P062
Ivohibe P097
Kalambatritra P098
Kasijy P004
Kirindy Mitea P108-12
Lokobe P066-7
Loky Manambato (Daraina) P022
Mahialambo P057
Mahimborondro P028
Makay Massif N.A.
Makira P030
Makirovana-Tsihomanaomby P050
Mananara Nord P083-5
Mandena P039
Mandrozo P036
Mangabe P059
Mangerivola P082
Maningoza P003
Manombo P100-1
Manongarivo P068
Mantadia P093
Marojejy P069
Marolambo P095
Maromizaha P061
Marotandrano P074
Masoala (Tampolo Marine Reserve) P086
Masoala (Main protected area) P089
Masoala (Cap Est protected zone) P090
Masoala (Ifaho Terrestrial protected zone) P091
Masoala (Ambohilaitry Terrestrial protected zone) P092
Menabe Antimenaena P019
Mikea P113-4
Montagne d'Ambre P147-8
Montagne des Français (Ambohitr'Antsingy) P038
Namoroka P073
Nosivolo P273
Nosy Hara Marine and Coastal Area P070-2
Nosy Mangabe P254-9
Nosy Tanihely P115
Nosy Ve Androka (Marine reserve) P137-44
Oronjia P047
Petriky P041
Pointe à Larrée P045
Ranobe Bay (Marine reserve) P015
Ranobe PK 32 P012
Ranomafana P102-4
Sahafary N.A.
Sahafina P265
Sahamalaza - Iles Radama P117-26
Soariake (Marine reserve) P032
Tampoketsa Analamaitso P001
Tampolo P037
Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site P013
Tsaratanana P149
Tsimanampetsotse P145
Tsimembo Manambolomaty P035
Tsinjoriake (La Table/St Augustin) P016
Tsitongambarika P268
Velondriake (Marine reserve) P264
Vohidefo P007
Zahamena P146
Zombitse - Vohibasia P130-2

Tantely Raminosoa & Peter Phillipson, 19 Jan. 2016.

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