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Protected areas in Madagascar

The status of the officially recognised protected areas in Madagascar has been in a state of change since the declaration in 2006 by then President Ravelomanana to increase the total area of Madagascar set aside for biodiversity conservation. Since that date additional protected areas have been designated, others have been increased in surface area and the status and management of numerous areas have been changed or are in the process of change. Although currently (in 2013) the planned changes are in the process of implementation and situation continues to evolve and some additional sites may still be established, the eventual outcome of this important phase in the history of conservation in Madagascar are being realised.

The sites comprising the official Protected Area Network of Madagascar up until 2006 are listed below, and a map of the sites is given here. Currently species in the Madagascar Catalogue are only coded for these areas, but information for the current network will be available soon.

Protected area name Parcelle and additional info Current Status and No.* Province Region
Ambatovaky RS Toamasina Analanjirofo
Ambohijanahary RS Majunga Menabe
Ambohitantely RS Antananarivo Analamanga
Analamazaotra-Périnet   RS Toamasina Alaotra-Mangoro
Analamerana RS Antsiranana Diana
Andohahela Parcelle 1 (wet) PN Toliara Anosy
Andohahela Parcelle 2 (dry) PN Toliara Anosy
Andohahela Parcelle 3 (trans.) PN Toliara Anosy
Andranomena RS Toliara Menabe
Andringitra PN Fianarantsoa Ihorombe
Anjanaharibe-Sud   RS Antsiranana Sava
Ankarafantsika PN Mahajanga Boeny
Ankarana   RS Antsiranana Diana
Baie de Baly  PN Mahajanga Boeny
Bemaraha Northern Parcelle RNI Mahajanga Melaky
Bemaraha Southern Parcelle PN Mahajanga Melaky
Bemarivo   RS Mahajanga Melaky
Betampona   RNI Toamasina Atsinanana
Beza Mahafaly ESSA RS Toliara Atsimo-Andrefana
Bora   RS Mahajanga Sofia
Cap Sainte Marie RS Toliara Androy
Fôret d'Ambre   RS Antsiranana Diana
Isalo   PN Fianarantsoa Ihorombe
Kalambatritra RS Fianarantsoa Ihorombe
Kasijy   RS Mahajanga Betsiboka
Kirindy Mitea PN Toliara Menabe
Lokobe   RNI Antsiranana Diana
Mananara-Nord PN Toamasina Analanjirofo
Mangerivola RS Toamasina Atsinanana
Maningoza RS Mahajanga Melaky
Manombo laterite RS Fianarantsoa Atsimo-Atsinanana
Manombo littoral RS Fianarantsoa Atsimo-Atsinanana
Manongarivo   RS Antsiranana Diana
Mantadia   PN Toamasina Alaotra-Mangoro
Marojejy   PN Antsiranana Sava
Marotandrano RS Mahajanga Sofia
Masoala Masoala NP site PN Antsiranana Sava
Midongy du Sud   PN Toliara Atsimo-Atsinanana
Montagne d'Ambre PN Antsiranana Diana
Nosy Mangabe   RS Toamasina Analanjirofo
Pic d'Ivohibe RS Fianarantsoa Ihorombe
Ranomafana ICTE PN Fianarantsoa Vatovavy-Fitovinany
Tampoketsa d'Analamaintso RS Majunga Sofia
Tsaratanana RNI Antsiranana Diana
Tsimanampetsotsa PN Toliara Atsimo-Andrefana
Tsingy de Namoroka PN Mahajanga Boeny
Zahamena Nat. Park PN Toamasina Alaotra-Mangoro
Zahamena Reserve RNI Toamasina Analanjirofo
Zombitse Vohibasia PN Toliara Atsimo-Andrefana

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