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Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Antioquia Department, Colombia


The Catalogue is the result of a collaborative effort of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Saint Louis, MO, USA, and the Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, and the contributions of more than 70 botanists worldwide. The project’s main goal was to synthesize information on the vascular flora of the Department. The printed version of the Catalogue, published in September 2011, reports 8,302 plant species—the first approximation of the taxonomic diversity of the vascular flora of Antioquia.

Antioquia Department, located in northwestern Colombia, has an area of 63,612 km2 and presents wide variations in altitude and topography.


...read more about the features of Antioquia Department in Volume I of the Volumen I del Catálogo de las Plantas Vasculares del Departamento de Antioquia, Colombia..


The 8,302 species of vascular plants found in Antioquia represent 33.5% of the total species estimated for Colombia, while the endemic species reported for the Department represent approximately 5.52 % of the endemic species estimated for the country. The Orchidaceae family has both the highest total number of species and the highest number of endemic species.

            Analysis of the distribution of plant groups has revealed that species with the tree habit are dominant at 0-500 m a.s.l. and that epiphytes, hemiepiphytes, and herbs gradually assume a more dominant role as elevation increases.


 ….read more about the taxonomy, nomenclature, and distribution of the plants of Antioquia in Volume II of the Volumen II del Catálogo de las Plantas Vasculares del Departamento de Antioquia, Colombia. .


The online version of the Catalogue summarizes, in a single page, information about the taxonomic and nomenclatural status as well as the synonyms of each accepted species for the Department.

Additional information includes the habit of the species and its distribution along the elevational gradient and in the different life zones, physiographic zones, and political divisions of the Department.

            The individual species page also includes a representative specimen and information on the uses of the species.

            The online version will be updated periodically as new records become available.


For more information on how to obtain the printed version of the Catalogue, please write to: Ricardo Callejas: callejas542004@yahoo.com


Please send your questions, comments, and observations to:

rosa.ortiz-gentry@mobot.org; alvaro.idarraga@gmail.com


Citation of the online version of the Antioquia Catalogue: Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of the Antioquia Department, Colombia. Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO. USA. [Accessed: month, day, year].



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