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ANAM Plant List

This data is based on the official listing of protected species of the Panamanian National Environmental Authory, ANAM (Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente), published April 7, 2008 in Gaceta Official Digital:

ANAM. 2008. Plantas Amenazadas y Endémicas de Panamá. Anexo 5 of ANAM Resolucion No. AG-0051-2008.

It can be downloaded as a PDF here.

The plant list contains 1733 entries of plants that have been assessed as threatened in Panama (VU, EN or CR), and for these entries it provides:

  • global IUCN conservation status
  • CITES Appendix listing
  • Endemicity in Panama

The published list contains a number of inconsistencies, including certain taxa that appear more than once, and notes on these are given below.

A full list of the ANAM listed taxa presented in TROPICOS is available here

Taxa on the ANAM list that have been recorded at the MPSA Concession are available here

Notes on names on the ANAM list that require updating with a changes current name or a typographic correction

(N.B. this is for all ANAM listed species, not just those present at the MPSA Concession)

Family ANAM name Current / correct name
ACANTHACEAE Blechum panamense Ruellia panamensis
ACANTHACEAE Justicia chiriquensis Justicia chiriquiensis
ACANTHACEAE Odontonema microphyllum Odontonema microphyllus
ACANTHACEAE Ruellia leucobracteata Ruellia leucobracteatus
ARACEAE Anthurium calobevoranum Anthurium caloveboranum
ARACEAE Philodendron knappie Philodendron knappiae
ARACEAE Philodendron madrenense Philodendron madronense
ASTERACEAE Barlettina chiriquensis Bartlettina chiriquensis
ASTERACEAE Barlettina maxonii Bartlettina maxonii
ASTERACEAE Dresslerothammus angustiradiatus Dresslerothamnus angustiradiatus
ASTERACEAE Dresslerothammus peperomioides Dresslerothamnus peperomioides
ASTERACEAE Lagenifera minuscula Lagenophora minuscula
ASTERACEAE Lagenifera panamensis Lagenophora panamensis
ASTERACEAE Lepidachloa chiriquensis Lepidaploa chiriquiensis
ASTERACEAE Schistocarpa croatii Schistocarpha croatii
BORAGINACEAE Cordia croatti Cordia croatii
BROMELIACEAE Aechmea strombilina Aechmea strobilina
CACTACEAE Epiphyllum hookerii Epiphyllum hookeri
CELASTRACEAE Zinowewia micrantha Zinowiewia micrantha
CHRYSOBALANACEAE Licania kallunkii Licania kallunkiae
CLUSIACEAE Chrysochlamys psychotrifolia Chrysochlamys psychotriifolia
CLUSIACEAE Clusia croatti Clusia croatii
CONVOLVULACEAE Ipomoea chiriquensis Ipomoea chiriquiensis
CYATHEACEAE Cyathea cocleana Cnemidaria cocleana
EBENACEAE Diospyros panamense Diospyros panamensis
ERICACEAE Vaccinium bocatorensis Vaccinium bocatorense
FABACEAE-MIMOSOIDEAE Inga alleni Inga allenii
FABACEAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Machaerium chirrhiferum Machaerium cirrhiferum
GESNERIACEAE Neomortononia alba Neomortonia alba
LAURACEAE Ocotea jefensi Ocotea jefensis
MELASTOMATACEAE Minconia jefensis Miconia jefensis
MELASTOMATACEAE Topobea fragantissima Topobea fragrantissima
MYRSINACEAE Cybianthus baruana Cybianthus baruanus
MYRSINACEAE Hymenandra crosby Hymenandra crosbyi
MYRSINACEAE Stylogine darienensis Stylogyne darienensis
ORCHIDACEAE Acostaea costaricensis var.costaricensis Acostaea costaricensis subsp.costaricensis
ORCHIDACEAE Elleanthus xanthocomos Elleanthus xanthocomus
ORCHIDACEAE Eloyllela panamensis Eloyella panamensis
ORCHIDACEAE Epidendrum isthmii Epidendrum isthmi
ORCHIDACEAE Epidendrum pseudoepidendrum Epidendrum pseudepidendrum
ORCHIDACEAE Epidendrum smaragdimum Epidendrum smaragdinum
ORCHIDACEAE Koellensteinia kelleriana Koellensteinia kellneriana
ORCHIDACEAE Lepanthes trichdion Lepanthes trichidion
ORCHIDACEAE Maxillaria fragans Maxillaria fragrans
ORCHIDACEAE Myoxanthus sempergemmata Myoxanthus sempergemmatus
ORCHIDACEAE Oncidium ornithorrhynchum Oncidium ornithorhynchum
ORCHIDACEAE Platystele taylori Platystele taylorii
ORCHIDACEAE Pleurothallis annectans Pleurothallis annectens
ORCHIDACEAE Pleurothallis cobraeformis Pleurothallis cobriformis
ORCHIDACEAE Pleurothallis deragularis Pleurothallis deregularis
ORCHIDACEAE Pleurothalllis harpago Pleurothallis harpago
ORCHIDACEAE Restrepiopsis ujarrensis Restrepiopsis ujarensis
ORCHIDACEAE Sobralia mariannae Sobralia marianneae
ORCHIDACEAE Sobralia warscewiczii Sobralia warszewiczii
OXALIDACEAE Byophytum falcifolium Biophytum falcifolium
OXALIDACEAE Byophytum mucronatum Biophytum mucronatum
PIPERACEAE Peperomia chiriquensis Peperomia chiriquiensis
PIPERACEAE Peperomia davidsonii Peperomia davidsoniae
PIPERACEAE Peperomia killipi Peperomia killipii
PIPERACEAE Peperomia wedelli Peperomia wedelii
PIPERACEAE Piper changinolanum Piper changuinolanum
PIPERACEAE Piper davidsonii Piper davidsoniae
RUBIACEAE Hoffmannia whiteringioides Hoffmannia witheringioides
RUBIACEAE Rudgea dressleri Rustia dressleri
RUBIACEAE Rudgea mandevilliifolia Rudgea mandevillifolia
RUBIACEAE Stachyarrena heterochroa Stachyarrhena heterochroa
SAPOTACEAE Poteria fossicola Pouteria fossicola
SOLANACEAE Brunfelsa dwyeri Brunfelsia dwyeri
THEOPHRASTACEAE Jaquinia macrocarpa subsp. panamensis Jacquinia macrocarpa subsp. panamensis
URTICACEAE Pilea rustulata Pilea rostulata
VOCHYSIACEAE Qualea polycroma Qualea polychroma
VOCHYSIACEAE Vochysia jmegalophylla Vochysia megalophylla
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