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Abbe, E. C.1935 Studies in the phylogeny of the Betulaceae. I. Floral and inflorescence anatomy and morphology Bot. Gaz.97: 1–67
Abbe, E. C.1938 Studies in the phylogeny of the Betulaceae. II. Extremes in the range of variation of floral and inflorescence morphology Bot. Gaz.99: 431–469
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Buell, M.1935 Seed and Seedling of Acorus calamus Bot. Gaz.96: 758–765
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Chandler, H.1907 Notes on two California Nemophilas Bot. Gaz.44:381–382
Chapman, A. W.1878 An enumeration of some plants - chiefly from the semi-tropical regions of Florida - which are either new, or which have not hitherto been recorded as belonging to the flora of the southern states. Bot. Gaz.3: 2–6, 9–12, 17–21
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Coulter, J. M.1891 Some new Solanaceae from Guatemala Bot. Gaz.16(5): 144–145
Coulter, J. M.1891 New or noteworthy Compositae from Guatemala Bot. Gaz.16(4): 95–102
Coulter, J. M.1895 New or noteworthy Compositae from Guatemala Bot. Gaz.20(2): 41–53
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Deane, W.1897 Viburnum demetrionis Bot. Gaz.p. 436
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Dewey, D. R.1977 Genome relations of South American Agropyron tilcarense with North American and Asian Agropyron species Bot. Gaz.138(3): 369–375
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Engelmann, G.1877 Pinus serotinae Bot. Gaz.2(10): 125
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Engelmann, G.1878 Baptisia sulphurea, n. sp. Bot. Gaz.3(8): 65
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Engelmann, G.1880 Fraxinus quadrangulata Bot. Gaz.5(6): 63
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