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Author YearArticle TitlePublicationCollation
André, É.1877 Abies engelmanni Gard. Chron.Jun. 30
Anonymous1823 Floods and forests. Gard. Chron.Jan. 13, 1823
Anonymous1842 Notices of New Plants Passiflora Middletoniana Gard. Chron.1842(16): 254
Anonymous1868 Marvel of Peru Gard. Chron.25(45): 1163
Anonymous1877 New garden plants - Carludovica drudei Gard. Chron.Dec. 8:
Anonymous1877 The Oil Palm Tree Gard. Chron.Mar. 24:
Anonymous1877 A visit to the big trees of Australia and California. Gard. Chron.Oct. 20, 1877, pg. 491
Anonymous1877 Boxwood, Loupes Gard. Chron.Sept. 22, 1877
Anonymous1877 Abies engelmanni (Clipping) Gard. Chron.June 16
Anonymous1877 Aponogeton distachyon (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Nov. 24, p. 649
Anonymous1877 The genus Agave (Clippings) Gard. Chron. 
Anonymous1878 Galanthus nivalis var. shaylockii (Clipping) Gard. Chron.p. 276
Anonymous1878 What is an Amaryllid (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 15, 1878
Anonymous1878 What is an Amaryllid (Clipping) Gard. Chron.June 1, 1878
Anonymous1878 Pinus smithiana (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 22
Anonymous1878 Uses of the wood of Herminiera elaphroxylon (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Feb. 16, 1878
Anonymous1878 Eccentric growth in timber (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jan. 12, 1878
Anonymous1878 Sand blast (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jan. 5, 1878
Anonymous1878 Forestry. The American forests (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Aug. 17, 1878
Anonymous1878 An old Yew tree (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jan. 12, 1878
Anonymous1878 A branched palm Gard. Chron. 
Anonymous1878 Funkia grandiflora: flowers and leaf nat. size, pollen grain (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Nov. 16, 1878
Anonymous1878 Lilium (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 8, 1878
Anonymous1878 Xeronema moorei (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jul. 6, 1878
Anonymous1878 Double spathed Arum (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Feb. 23, 1878
Anonymous1879 Yuccas in flower at Edinburgh (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Oct. 18, 1879
Anonymous1879 Arisaema (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Nov. 8, 1879
Anonymous1879 Calla aethiopica (Clipping) Gard. Chron.May 31, 1879
Anonymous1879 Massowia and Spathiphyllum (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Mar. 1, 1879
Anonymous1879 Piptospatha insignis (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Feb. 1, 1879
Anonymous1879 The Sexes of the Willow Gard. Chron.111: 569
Anonymous1879 Origin of the leek (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Sep. 27, 1879
Anonymous1879 Mr. Baker on the Colchicaceae (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jan. 25, 1879
Anonymous1879 Darwinia tulipifera (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 21, 1879
Anonymous1879 Proliferous Hyacinth (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Apr. 12, 1879
Anonymous1879 The Roman Hyacinth (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Feb. 1, 1879
Anonymous1879 Fritillaria burneti (Clipping) Gard. Chron.May 31, 1879
Anonymous1879 Concentric rings in conifers (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Mar. 8, 1879
Anonymous1879 The age and size of trees (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Nov. 15, 1879
Anonymous1879 Town trees and shrubs (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Apr. 26, 1879
Anonymous1879 The trees and shrubs of ancient Greece (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Dec. 6 & 20, 1879
Anonymous1879 Bomarea carderi (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Nov. 15, 1879
Anonymous1879 Galanthus imperati; Galanthus nivalis; Galanthus latifolius (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Feb. 22, 1879
Anonymous1879 Snowdrops - Galanthus plicatus (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Feb. 22, 1879
Anonymous1879 Leucojum vernum - the snowflake (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Mar. 29, 1879
Anonymous1879 Measuring the height of trees (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Aug. 1879
Anonymous1880 Naked seeds of the Amaryllidaceae (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Dec. 25, 1880
Anonymous1880 Forestry. The timber line of high mountains. Gard. Chron.Dec. 18, 1880
Anonymous1880 Relation of the number of concentric rings in Tasmanian exogenous trees to their age. Gard. Chron.Aug. 7, 1880
Anonymous1880 American forests and forestry (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Dec. 11, 1880
Anonymous1880 Age of the giant gum trees of the Tasmanian forests. Gard. Chron.Aug. 7, 1880
Anonymous1880 Dasylirion glaucum (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Feb. 14, 1880
Anonymous1880 Xerophyllum asphodeloides (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Apr. 3, 1880
Anonymous1880 Anacharis canadensis (Clipping) Gard. Chron. 
Anonymous1880 Lilium parryi (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jan. 31, 1880
Anonymous1880 Ilex insignis Gard. Chron.14:296
Anonymous1880 Campanula persicifolia Gard. Chron.693
Anonymous1880 Choisya Ternata Gard. Chron.625–626
Anonymous1880 Various clippings regarding Eucalyptus Gard. Chron.û
Anonymous1880 Anthurium scherzerianum var. pygmaeum (Clipping) Gard. Chron.May 15, 1880
Anonymous1880 Anthurium andraeanum (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Apr. 17, 1880
Anonymous1880 Anthurium scherzerianum (Clipping) Gard. Chron.June 26, 1880
Anonymous1880 Aloes and yuccas (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jan 31, 1880
Anonymous1880 Hybrid Yuccas (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 26, 1880
Anonymous1880 Fertilisation of the Yucca (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 29, 1880
Anonymous1881 Taccarum warmingianum (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Nov. 19, 1881
Anonymous1881 Corylopsis pauciflora (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Apr. 16, 1881
Anonymous1881 Chionographis japonica Gard. Chron.Jun. 4, 1881
Anonymous1881 The tulip (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Mar. 26, 1881
Anonymous1881 Nolina georgiana (Clipping) Gard. Chron.May 28, 1881
Anonymous1881 The Chinese palms at Heckfield (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jan. 1
Anonymous1881 The date palm Gard. Chron.May 14:
Anonymous1881 Cocoa-nut, Palmyra, and Areca-nut palm cultivation in Travoncore (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Dec. 31
Anonymous1881 Forestry. Where the wood goes (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Feb. 12, 1881
Anonymous1881-1882 Picea ajanensis (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 18 & Aug. 5
Anonymous1882 Picea maximowiczii (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Feb. 4
Anonymous1882 Forestry. A substitute for the larch (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Sept. 2, 1882
Anonymous1882 Bomarea frondea (Clipping) Gard. Chron.May 20, 1882
Anonymous1882 Doryanthes palmeri (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Mar. 25, 1882
Anonymous1882 New garden plants. Bomarea shuttleworthii. (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jan. 21, 1882
Anonymous1882 Jubaea spectabilis Gard. Chron.Sept. 23
Anonymous1882 Hesperaloe yuccifolia (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Aug. 12, 1882
Anonymous1882 Proliferous Hyacinth (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Aug. 19, 1882
Anonymous1882 Dracaena goldieana inflorescence (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jan. 14, 1882
Anonymous1882 Dracaena elliptica (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Feb. 23, 1882
Anonymous1883 Origin of the white lily (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Mar. 31, 1883
Anonymous1883 Trillium foetidum (Clipping) Gard. Chron.May 12, 1883
Anonymous1883 Ruscus androgynus Gard. Chron.Jul. 28, 1883
Anonymous1883 Bath asparagus (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 2, 1883
Anonymous1883 Amianthium muscaetoxi (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jul. 14, 1883
Anonymous1883 Ornithogalum lacteum (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 16, 1883
Anonymous1883 Insect traps of Cyclobothra pulchella (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 16, 1883
Anonymous1883 Ornithogalum arabicum (Clipping) Gard. Chron.May 26, 1883
Anonymous1883 The palm cabbage Gard. Chron.Nov. 3
Anonymous1883 The Calcutta Botanic Garden Gard. Chron.Jan. 20
Anonymous1883 Yuccas (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jun. 30, 1883
Anonymous1883 Calodendron Capense Gard. Chron. 
Anonymous1883 The Lombardy Poplar Gard. Chron.20: 571–572
Anonymous1883 Tropaeolum polyphyllum Gard. Chron.20:240
Anonymous1883 Plagiolirion horsmanni (Clipping) Gard. Chron.Jul. 28, 1883
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