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Throughout Engelmann's life, he corresponded with plant collectors and scientific societies across Europe and North America. By clicking on the names below you can view scanned specimens collected by each of Engelmann's contributors. As only a fraction of Engelmann's herbarium has been digitized so far, this is only a partial list. For more information about these individuals and their relationships with Engelmann and each other, you may also consult Engelmann's personal correspondence on the Biodiversity Heritage Library at http://biodiversitylibrary.org/collection/engelmannpapers. The specimens and letters often traveled together, so there may be parts of letters mounted with the specimens or additional plant pieces may be in the letters.

* NameAbbreviationCollector NameLife Pub DatesCountry
  Admiralität    USA- Alaska
  Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe AgassizLouis Agassiz1807-1873Mexico, USA
  Aikin, W. E. A.  W. E. A. Aikin USA
  Allan, Harry Howard Barton AllanH. H. B. Allan1882-1957New Zealand
  Allan, J. T.  J. T. Allanfl. 1873USA - Wyoming, Nebraska
  Allen, John Alpheus J. A. AllenJohn Alpheus Allen1863--1916U.S.A.
  Anderson, Charles Lewis C.L. AndersonC.L. Anderson1827-1919United States
  Anderson, Charles Willgress  C.W. Anderson1867-Guyana
  Andersson, Nils Johan AnderssonNils J. Andersson1821-1880Sweden
  Andrieux, G.  G. Andrieuxfl. 1832-1837Mexico
  Anonymous AnonymousAnonymous**
  Arthur, Joseph Charles ArthurJ.C. Arthur1850-1942 
  Aschenborn, Alwin AschenbornA. Aschenborn1816-1865Mexico
  Aucher-Éloy, Pierre Martin Rémi AucherP.M.R. Aucher-Éloy1792-1838France, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Iran
  Audubon, John James AudubonJohn J. Audubon1785-1851USA
  Austin, Coe Finch AustinCoe F. Austin1831-1880U.S.A
  Austin, E. P.  E. P. Austinfl. 1863USA- Massachusetts, Wisconsin
  Austin, Rebecca Merritt  R.M. Austin1832-1919USA
  Ayres, Philip B.  Philip B. Ayres Mauritius
  Babington, Charles Cardale Bab. 1808-1895England
  Bachelot de la Pylaie, Auguste Jean Marie Bach. Pyl. 1786-1856France
  Bachman, John  J. Bachman1790-1874USA (South Carolina)
  Baker, Charles (Carl) Fuller C.F. BakerCharles F. Baker1872-1927Brazil, Caribbean, Colombia, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Philippines, USA,Granada
  Baker, John Gilbert BakerJohn G. Baker1834-1920UK
  Baldwin, William BaldwinWilliam Baldwin1779-1819Bermuda, USA, Barbados, Haiti, Jamaica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Panama
  Bandelier, Adolf F. A. F. BandelierA. F. Bandelierfl. 1882USA (New Mexico), Bolivia
  Barroeta, Gregario  G. Barroetafl. 1878-80Mexico
  Barstow, J. W.  J. W. Barstowfl. 1872USA (New York)
  BARTH, * generic BARTHBARTH  
  Barton, * generic BartonBarton*  
  Bauer, Ferdinand Lukas F.L. BauerFerdinand L. Bauer1760-1826Australia, South Africa
  Baumann, * generic BaumannBaumannfl. 1856, ?Antilles and/or South America, Italy
  Beardslee, Jr., Henry Curtis BeardsleeHenry C. Beardslee, Jr.1865-1948USA
  Beardslee, Sr., Henry Curtis  Henry C. Beardslee, Sr.1807-?Canada, USA
  Bebb, Michael Schuck BebbMichael S. Bebb1833-1895USA
  Beechey, Frederick William BeecheyF.W. Beechey1796-1856UK; Brazil, Chile, Micronesia Federated States, Mexico, USA
  Bendire, Charles  Charles Bendirefl. 1875USA (Oregon)
  Berger, Ernst Friedrich Berger 1814-1853germany
  Berlandier, Jean Louis Berland.Jean L. Berlandier1805-1851Mexico, USA, Belgium
  Bertolet, R. M.  R. M. Bertoletfl. 1877USA (New Mexico)
  Beyrich, Heinrich Karl Beyr.Heinrich K. Beyrich1796-1834Germany, United States
  Bigelow, Jacob BigelowJacob Bigelow1787-1879U.S.A.
  Bigelow, John Milton J.M. BigelowJohn Milton Bigelow1804-1878USA; Mexico
  Bischoff, Ferdinand F. BischoffFerdinand Bischofffl. 1871USA
  Bischoff, G. G.  G. G. Bischofffl. 1852USA (Virginia)
  Black, A. R.  A. R. Blackfl. 1871USA (North Carolina)
  Blackburn, Edward Berens  Edward B. Blackburn-1839Mauritius
  Blake, Joseph BlakeJ. Blake1814-1888USA
  Boissevain, Charles Hercules Boissev. 1893-1946 
  Bolander, Henry Nicholas Bol.Henry N. Bolander1831-1897USA
  Bongard, August (Gustav) Heinrich von Bong. 1786-1839 
  Booth, John Richmond J.R. Booth 1801-1847 
  Booth, William Beattie BoothWilliam B. Boothc. 1804-1874 
  Botta, Paolo Emilia  P. E. Botta1802-1870Saudi Arabia, Iraq
  Bourgeau, Eugène Bourg.Eugène Bourgeau1813-1877Mexico (1865-1866), Algeria, Canary Islands (1845-1846), France, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey
  Bouton, Louis Sulpice BoutonL.S. Boutonb. 12 Jan. 1799, d. 24 Nov. 1878Comoros, Kenya?, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania
  Brandegee, Townshend Stith BrandegeeTownshend S. Brandegee1843-1925Mexico, USA (California)
  Brandel, F.  Dr. F. Brandelfl. 1866USA (Illinois)
  Braun, Alexander Karl (Carl) Heinrich A. BraunA. Braun1805-1877Germany
  Brendel, Frederick F. BrendelF. Brendel1820-1912USA
  Brewer, William Henry W.H. BrewerWilliam H. Brewer1828-1910USA
  Bridges, Thomas Charles BridgesThomas C. Bridges1807-1865 
  Britton, Nathaniel Lord BrittonNathaniel L. Britton1859-1934Caribbean, USA
  Broadhead, Garland Carr G.C. BroadheadGarland C. Broadhead1827-1912USA (Kansas, Missouri)
  Brownne, H. A.  H.A. Brownnefl. 1841USA (New York)
  Bruch, Philipp BruchP. Bruch1781--1847Germany
  Brunet, Louis Ovide Brunet 1826-1876Canada
  Buckley, Samuel Botsford BuckleyS.B. Buckley1809-1884USA
  Bunge, Alexander Andrejewitsch (Aleksandr Andreevic BungeA. A. Bunge1803-1890China, Estonia, Iran, Mongolia, Russia
  Burke, D.  D. Burkefl. 1866USA - New Jersey,
  Burke, D.  D. Burkefl. 1894-1897Colombia
  Bush, Benjamin Franklin BushBenjamin F. Bush1858-1937USA (Missouri)
  Bush, Isidor  Isidor Bush1822-1898United States - Missouri
  Butler, George Dexter  George D. Butler1850-1910USA
  Canby, William Marriott CanbyWilliam M. Canby1831-1904USA
  Candolle, Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyramus de A. DC. 1806-1893Switzerland
  Carey, John J. CareyJohn Carey1797-1880USA
  Carpenter, William Marbury W.M. Carp.William M. Carpenter1811-1848USA (Louisiana)
  Caruel, Théodore (Teodoro) Caruel 1830-1898 
  Castelneau, Francois L. de Laporte de  F. de Castelneau1810-1880USA, France, Australia, Bolivia, Peru, South Africa,
  Chadbourne, P. A.  P. A. Chadbournefl. 1863USA
  Chamisso, Ludolf Karl Adelbert von Cham.L. K. A. von Chamisso1781-1838France, Germany
  Chapman, Alvan (Alvin) Wentworth Chapm.A.W. Chapman1809-1899USA (Florida)
  Chase, S. B.  S. B. Chasefl. 1879USA (Indiana)
  Chickering, John White Chick.John W. Chickering1831-1913USA
  Chlebnikow    USA -Aleutian Islands
  Clark, Joseph  Joseph Clark1782-1858USA
  Cleveland, Lemuel R. L.R. Clevel. 1892-1969 
  Clinton, George William ClintonG.W. Clinton1807-1885USA
  Collier, George H.  G. H. Collierfl. 1880USA-Oregon
  Commons, Albert CommonsAlbert Commons1829-1919USA
  Conradi, Frans Edvard Conradi 1890--1907Norway
  Cooley, George Ralph  George R. Cooley1896-1986USA; Caribbean
  Cooper, James Graham J.G. CooperJames G. Cooper1830-1902USA (California, 1861)
  Cosson, Ernest Saint-Charles Coss.Ernest Saint-Charles Cosson1819-1889France
  Coues, Elliott  Elliott Coues1842-1899USA
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