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Project Name Data (Last Modified On 10/28/2012)

Flora Data (Last Modified On 10/28/2012)
Description Perennial herbs from rhizomes, corms, or bulbs; leaves usually basal, frequently cauline as well, mostly narrowly linear to ensiform, sheathing at the base; equitant; flowers perfect, regular or irregular, enclosed in paired conduplicate spathes; perianth petaloid, the lobes subequal or in 2 series, free or more or less fused at the base; stamens 3, opposite the outer perianth lobes; filaments free or partially connate; anthers 2-celled, dehiscing longitudinally; ovary inferior, 3-celled with axile placentae or 1-celled with parietal placentae; style slender, 3-lobed above, sometimes winged or petaloid; fruit a loculicidally dehiscent capsule.
Key a. Style branches opposite the stamens, furnished with petaloid crests; rootstock a short rhizome -1. NEOMARICA aa. Style branches alternate with the stamens, without crests. b. Rootstock a tunicated corm; inner perianth lobes connivent; style branches dilated and somewhat petaloid -2. CIPURA bb. All perianth segments free to the ovary; style branches subulate. c. Rootstock a very short rhizome or virtually lacking; inflorescences simple or loosely fascicled, the flowers obviously pedicellate and the capsules exserted from the spathes -3. SISYRINCHIUM cc. Rootstock a fairly extensive rhizome; inflorescence paniculate, the flowers virtually sessile and the capsules included within the spathes - 4. ORTHROSANTHUS
Note Moraea, Gladiolus, Tigridia, and Tritonia are exotic genera occasionally en- countered in cultivation.
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