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Project Name Data (Last Modified On 10/23/2012)

Flora Data (Last Modified On 10/23/2012)
Contributor H. K. SVENSON
Description Grass-like or rush-like herbs, with stems (culms) usually solid and frequently leafless; leaves usually narrow, differing from grasses in the closed sheath; flowers perfect or imperfect, arranged in spikelets, one ordinarily in the axil of each scale (bract); spikelets solitary or in clusters, 1- to many-flowered, the inflores- cence frequently surrounded by leaf-like bracts; perianth lacking or of bristles or scales; stamens 1-3, anthers 2-celled, the filaments elongate at maturity; style 2-cleft with the fruit (achene) flattened or lenticular (biconvex) or 3-cleft and the fruit 3-angular.
Key a. Flowers, at least the pistillate ones, perfect. b. Spikelets with not more than 1 or 2 empty basal scales. c. Culms leafless; inflorescence glabrous without trace of involucral bracts _ - _-- - 3. ELEOCHARIS cc. Culms leafy, or, if leafless, with involucral bracts. d. Scales of spikelets distichous. e. Spikelets with only 1 perfect flower_-___-_ - 1. KYLLINGA cc. Spikelets with 2 to many perfect flowers. f. Inflorescence of a single much-flattened spikelet; involucre nearly obsolete - ----- 5. ABILDGAARDIA ff. Inflorescence of 2 or more spikelets; involucre usually conspicuous _ - _ - _ - __ - _ - 2. CYPERUS dd. Scales of spikelet spirally imbricated. e. Base of style usually persistent as a tubercle; inflorescence more or less pubescent - --------- 4. BULBOSTYLIS ee. Base of style not persistent. f. Flowers without inner scales. g. Style-base swol-len; bristles lacking - - - 6. FIMBRISTYLIS gg. Style-base not swollen; bristles frequently present - 7. SCIRPUS ff. Flowers with one or more inner scales. g. Flowers with 3 broad stipitate scales or modified bristles- S. FUIRENA gg. Flowers with 1 or 2 hyaline scales; no bristles. h. Inner scales (2) connate - ----- - 9. ASCOLEPIS hh. Inner scales (2) free and convolute - -- 0. LIPOCARPHA bb. Spikelets with 3 or more of the lower scales empty. c. Style '3-cleft (sometimes 2-cleft in Cladium). d. Large plants with pistillate flower axillary 1 - - - 2. CLADIUM dd. Dwarf sea-side plants with pistillate flower subterminal - 11. REMIREA cc. Style 2-cleft. d. Bristles none; spikelets compressed in a terminal involucral cluster _1 - - _ - 3. DICHROMENA dd. Bristles usually present; spikelets usually paniculate or corym- bose - --- -- 14. RYNCHOSPORA aa. Flowers all imperfect. b. Pistillate flower enclosed in a utricle. c. Utricle enclosing a long uncinate bristle --- 19. UNCINIA cc. Utricle enclosing only the pistil - -- 2 0. CAREX bb. Pistillate flowers not enclosed in a utricle. c. Fertile flowers often numerous in each spikelet, lateral, each sub- tended by a scale. d. Fertile flower basal --- 15. SCLERIA dd. Fertile flower terminal - l--- 16. CALYPTROCARYA cc. Fertile flower, one in each spikelet, terminal. d. Spikelets in umbellate or paniculate spikes - - 17. HYPOLYTRUM dd. Spikelets crowded in a dense head - - 18. MAPANIA
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