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Project Name Data (Last Modified On 7/9/2013)

Flora Data (Last Modified On 7/9/2013)
Contributor PETER TAYLOR
Description Herbs, annual or perennial, aquatic, terrestrial or epiphytic with special vege- tative organs adapted for the capture and digestion of small organisms; roots sometimes absent. Leaves rosulate or absent, often replaced by somewhat leaflike, entire or dissected photosynthetic organs which are in fact modified stems. In- florescences terminal or lateral, pedunculate, racemose or scapose, simple or rarely branched, bracteate or ebracteate, often with barren bracts (scales) on the peduncle; bracteoles 2 or 0, usually at the base of the pedicels. Flowers hermaphrodite, zygomorphic; calyx deeply 2-, 4- or 5-partite, almost regular or 2-lobed, the sepals sometimes free to the base, persistent and often accrescent; corolla gamopetalous, 2-lipped, usually spurred, rarely saccate, mostly shades of violet or yellow, the upper lip entire or ? 2-lobed, the lower lip entire or 2-5- lobed, usually with a raised ? gibbous palate; stamens 2, inserted at the base of the corolla; ovary superior, 1-locular, the style usually short, the stigma 2-lipped, the placenta free central or free basal, the ovules 2 or usually numerous. Fruits valvate, circumscissile or indehiscent capsules; seeds 1 or usually numerous, mostly small, variously shaped.
Habit Herbs
Distribution This family includes 4 genera with about 250 species of temperate and tropical regions.
Note Two genera occur in Panama. Keys and descriptions are not neces- sarily based on Panamanian material which is sparse-most of the species are relatively, or very, widespread in America.
Key a. Calyx 5-lobed; terrestrial scapose herbs with rosulate leaves, the upper surface of which is provided with viscid glands which trap and digest small insects ...... 1. Pinguicula aa. Calyx 2-lobed; aquatic, terrestrial or epiphytic herbs with simple or dissected + leaf- like photosynthetic organs, pedunculate racemose inflorescences, and submerged or subterranean stolons bearing small bladderlike traps ...... 2. Utricularia
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