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Published In: Species Plantarum 1: 294. 1753. (1 May 1753) (Sp. Pl.) Name publication detailView in BotanicusView in Biodiversity Heritage Library

Project Name Data (Last Modified On 6/2/2011)
Acceptance : Accepted
Project Data     (Last Modified On 6/3/2011)
General/Distribution: A large genus with about 600 species; represented in Pakistan by about 41 species.


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Bulbs solitary or clustered. Leaves sheathing, sometimes well above the ground level, fistular or not fistular. Tepals 1-nerved, white to greenish-white, yellow, violet, pink to reddish-purple or blue coloured. Stamens included or exserted; filaments entire, toothed or cuspidate; anthers elliptic to oblong, dorsifixed. Seeds 6 or more; testa black.

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1 Bulbs with a narrow, more or less cylindrical distinct rhizome (23)
+ Bulbs broadly ovoid to subglobose, without a distinct rhizome (2)
2 (1) Outer bulb coats distinctly reticulately fibrous (3)
+ Outer bulb coats scaly, papery or coriaceous, with to pinkish or grey to brownish (6)
3 (2) Scape 4-10 cm long. leaves circinate or flexuous Allium stocksianum
+ Scape more than 10 cm long. Leaves neither circinate nor flexuous (4)
4 (3) Leaves not fistular, pilose Allium longicollum
+ Leaves fistular, glabrous to scabrid (5)
5 (4) Leaves 2-3, filiform, semicylindric, shorter than the plants. Tepals white with greenish veins Allium filidens
+ Leaves 3-8, filiform to linear, 1-2 mm broad, up to as long as the plants. Tepals white to rose coloured, veins rose-purple Allium borszczowii
6 (2) Bulb coats scaly or papery (7)
+ Bulb outer coats coriaceous, striate or with parallel to reticulate veins (15)
7 (6) Stamens longer than tepals (8)
+ Stamens as long as or shorter than tepals (9)
8 (7) Bulb 3-4 cm broad. Leaves 6-12, 1-2 cm broad. Inner filaments 3-cuspidate Allium porrum
+ Bulb c. 1 cm broad. Leaves 2, 1.5-3 mm broad Inner filaments (3-) 5-cuspidate Allium micranthum
9 (7) Flowers white. Leaves flate, keeled, not fistular. plants cultivated (10)
+ Flowers rose coloured to purple or violet. Leaves fistular or not fistular (11)
10 (9) Bulbs round without scaly bulbils. Filaments entire Allium neapolitanum
+ Bulbs with 6-10 large scaly bulbils. Inner filaments toothed Allium sativum
11 (9) Leaves up to 1 cm broad. Scape less than 50 cm long (12)
+ Leaves 1-5 cm broad. Scape c. 1 m long (14)
12 (11) Leaves filiform, less than 2 mm broad Allium caesioides
+ Leaves linear, 2-9 mm broad (13)
13 (12) Tepals 8-11 mm long, ovate. Filaments triangular, about half the length of the tepals Allium oreophilum
+ Tepals 4-6 mm long, lanceolate. Filaments about 3/4 the length of the tepals Allium chitralicum
14 (11) Leaves glabrous Allium rosenbachianum
+ Leaves, especially below in the lower part, pilose Allium stipitatum
15 (6) Leaves up to 5 mm broad. stamen filaments included (16)
+ Leaves 1-3 cm broad. Stamen filaments exserted (22)
16 (15) Pedicels 3-4 cm long. Umbels few flowered. Inner filaments more or less distinctly 2-toothed; teeth short, rounded Allium gillii
+ Pedicels 0.5-3 mm long. Umbels many flowered. filaments entire (17)
17 (16) Filaments less than half the length of tepals (18)
+ Filaments about 3/4 the length of tepals (19)
18 (17) About 2/3 of the filaments united, upper parts free. Inner tepals gibbous at the base. Umbel without bulbils Allium griffithianum
+ About 1/4 of the filaments united at the base, upper 3/4 of the filaments free. Inner tepals not gibbous at the base. Umbel usually with bulbils Allium umbilicatum
19 (17) Tepals about 1 cm long, obtuse. Leaf sheaths 3- winged Allium tripterum
+ Tepals 3-6 mm long, acute or obtuse. Leaf sheaths not winged (20)
20 (19) Tepals 5-6 mm long, white, veins reddish, acute. Inner filaments broadly ovate Allium lamondiae
+ Tepals 3-5 mm long, white or rose, acute or obtuse. Inner filaments triangular
21 Tepals pink coloured, acute. Leaf sheaths glabrous 24 Allium jacquemontii
+ Tepals white to pinkish, obtuse. Leaf sheaths pubescent Allium miserabile
22 (15) Scape c. 1 m long. Pedicels up to 3 cm long. Tepals 5-6 mm long Allium macleanii
+ Scape 10-20 cm long, stout. Pedicels 3-9 cm long, Vary unequal. Tepals 7-8 mm long Allium caspium
23 (1) bulbs with membranous, scaly or coriaceous, Striate coats (24)
+ Bulbs with distinct fibrous, reticulate coats (31)
24 (23) Filaments shorter than tepals (25)
+ Filaments as long as or longer than tepals (26)
25 (24) Tepals yellow. Inner filaments slightly obtusely toothed, connate for more than half their lengths Allium fedtschenkoanum
+ Tepals pink. All filaments entire, connate for 1/3 to 1/4 of their length Allium schoenoprasum
26 (24) Tepals white or greenish-white (27)
+ Tepals cream coloured to golden-yellow or rose coloured to reddish (28)
27 (26) Scape fistular, inflated in the middle. Tepals greenish-white. Cultivated Allium cepa
+ Scape neither fistular nor inflated. Tepals white Allium farctum
28 (26) Bulb coats membranous, reddish-brown. Inner filaments 2-toothed at the base Allium roylei
+ Bulb coasts coriaceous, brown. All filaments entire (29)
29 (28) Leaves filiform, up to 1 mm broad, apex acute Allium filifolium
+ Leaves linear to lanceolate, 2-15 mm broad, apex obtuse (30)
30 (29) Tepals yellow, sometimes pink. Leaves 3-5, linear, 2-3 mm broad Allium consanguineum
+ Tepals rose coloured. Leaves 5-6, broadly linear, falcate, 5-15 mm broad Allium carolinianum
31 (23) Filaments exserted (40)
+ Filaments as long as or shorter than tepals (32)
32 (31) Leaves 1-2 cm broad Allium gilgiticum
+ Leaves less than 1 cm broad (33)
33 (32) Filaments as long as tepals. Style exserted Allium dolichostylum
+ Filaments shorter than tepals. Style included (34)
34 (33) Tepals whit, 4-5 mm long, oblong Inner filaments broad, each with an unilateral tooth Allium baluchistanicum
+ Tepals white to pink or purple to dark purple, oblong, elliptic to ovate or lanceolate, 5 or more mm long. Filaments narrow to broad, entire or toothed (35)
35 (34) Tepals acute to acuminate or mucronate (36)
+ Tepals acute to obtuse. Filaments up to 1/2 the length of tepals (38)
36 (35) Tepals white, rarely pink, 6-10 mm long, elliptic. Filaments c. 2/4 the length of tepals. Inner filaments narrowly triangular Allium tuberosum
+ Tepals pink 5-8 mm long, oblong to lanceolate. Filaments 1/2 to 2/3 the length of tepals. Inner filaments broadly triangular to oblong (37)
37 (36) Tepals c. 8 mm long, acuminate. Inner filaments broadly triangular Allium barszczewskii
+ Tepals 5-6 mm long, apex with a recurved mucro. Inner filaments broadly flattened to oblong Allium oreoprasum
38 (35) Tepals white, 7-10 mm long, obtuse. Filaments linear to narrowly triangular Allium humile
+ Tepals dark purple, 6-7 mm long, obtuse to acute. filaments triangular (39)
39 (38) Filaments less than half the length of tepals; anthers not mucronate. Leaves cylindrical, fistular, 1-3 mm broad, obtuse Allium atrosanguineum
+ Filaments c. half the length of tepals; anthers mucronate leaves filiform, convolute, acute Allium tenuicaule
40 (31) Bulb brownish. Tepals white to yellowish-white, c. 5 mm long, oblong. Leaves broadly lanceolate to oval Allium victorialis
+ Bulb reddish. Tepals pink to purple, c. 6 mm long, oblong to lanceolate. Leaves linear, c. 1 mm broad

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